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Winter redfish with Captain Jamie Hough

by Penn Fishing 16 Feb 19:50 UTC
Winter redfish with Captain Jamie Hough © Penn Fishing

Winter inshore fishing offers great opportunities to catch a wide range of fish, with the Red Drum at the top of most angler's lists.

Among them is Captain Jamie Hough, the 2015 IFA Redfish Tour National Champion and professional fishing guide. Captain Jamie shares his expert tips on finding and catching Redfish during the challenging cooler winter months.

Where to find redfish

Captain Jamie seeks shallow waters with dark, muddy bottoms where Redfish keep warm under the sun. Clear water is crucial for spotting Reds, however, in areas like Charleston, SC, where fishing pressure has increased dramatically, Redfish have become more skittish.

"A slow, quiet approach is essential for success. While shallow, muddy bottoms are favored by Redfish for resting, structures like Oyster Beds and Jetties are prime spots for targeting active fish due to abundant baitfish."

How to catch redfish

Captain Jamie utilizes both artificial and live bait when targeting Reds in the winter. He explains that most bait fish have moved out of the area, however, it is the peak season for shrimp in his home waters.

When using live bait, live lining shrimp and allowing them to swim through the water column is one of the top fish producing presentations. In addition to live lining shrimp, he will use a jig with a mud minnow and a shrimp on a popping cork.

"The go-to artificial presentation is a Berkley Gulp! 4in Shrimp rigged backwards on a weedless hook. It is a presentation that can be worked quickly to cover water and trigger bites from active fish making it a staple in every boat."

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From catching monster Redfish to natural disaster relief and helping those in need, Capt. Jamie Hough shares his story. There are no excuses when striving to be the best.

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