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Climb the leaderboard with new lures from Jackall

by Shimano 26 Feb 18:13 UTC
Climb the leaderboard with new lures from Jackall © Shimano

It's easy to recognize a Jackall. Steeped in Japanese quality and innovation, Jackall lures seamlessly blend form and function to trigger strikes from oversized bass.

Jackall now introduces a versatile finesse soft bait - the Rhythm Wag - as well as new color additions to the Rerange, Gantarel and Gantarel Jr. lineups that turn curious lookers into aggressive biters to help anglers climb the leaderboard.

Jackall Rhythm Wag

Versatility is the key to success on the water. The new Jackall Rhythm Wag is a versatile stick bait that provides anglers with the perfect solution for weightless rigs, drop shots, jig heads, finesse Carolina rigs, and many more bite-triggering presentations.

The Rhythm Wag sports a time-tested split-tail design that emits fish-attracting vibrations and gives the bait a dynamic swimming action. The top side of the Rhythm Wag features a slit to conceal the hook and ensure straight rigging, every time. The Rhythm Wag also features a hole in the rear of the lure to make it easier for anglers to rig for a back-slide technique, enabling the bait to glide backward under cover where true trophies lurk.

Featuring a two-layer construction with a denser, "high-gravity" material in its lower half, the Rhythm Wag maintains a stable action when twitched and shimmies enticingly when it falls. This added density also enables long casts, even when the bait is rigged weightless. The Rhythm Wag is the perfect solution for versatile anglers, triggering trophy bass wherever they swim.

The new Jackall Rhythm Wag will be available in two sizes - 3.5 and 4.5 inches - and nine biomimetic colors including Blue Pearl Shad, Bluegill/Pearl White, Alewife, Golden Shad, Goby, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Prism Shad, Sexy Albino and SS Shad, with an MSRP of $5.99.

Jackall Rerange

Jerkbaits have universal bass appeal. The Jackall Rerange series of suspending jerkbaits features a unique long-casting mechanism that allows anglers to cover more water and catch more bass under the toughest conditions. These lures feature the TG Zero Friction weight transfer system that shifts 20% of the lure's weight to the tail section during the cast.

The fluororesin-coated weights of the TG Zero Friction system move smoothly through the lure's body, ensuring effective weight transfer as Rerange travels through the air and a natural, well-balanced swimming action in the water.

Jackall offers the Rerange series in two lengths - 4.3 in. (110 mm) and 5.1 in. (130 mm) - and two diving ranges: SR models have a diving depth of two to six feet while the MR models dive to depths of six to eight feet. For 2022, the Rerange family adds two new colors - Burgundy Shad and Chartreuse Back Pearl - across the entire series to help anglers trigger strikes under more diverse water and weather conditions. Each Jackall Rerange has an MSRP of $14.99.

Jackall Gantarel and Gantarel Jr

Hard swimbaits are highly effective at triggering the biggest bass in any system. Jackall's master lure designer Tsutomu Kawashima crafted the Gantarel and Gantarel Jr. with double-jointed bodies that provide unique actions in the water. These lures have a mesmerizing, S-shaped swimming pattern on the retrieve, drawing trophy bass in for a closer look.

When twitched, the Gantarel swimbaits quickly reverse course with strike-triggering 180-degree turns that following bass find irresistible. Gantarel lures are equipped with feathered treble hooks to add even more realism to these highly effective and ultra-realistic swimbaits.

For 2022, the Gantarel and Gantarel Jr. lineups each add two new colors - Fired Up and RT Crappie - to evoke reflex-driven reaction strikes from supersized bass. Jackall Gantarel swimbaits, measuring 6.3 in. and 2 half oz, have an MSRP of $34.99 while the 5 in. and 1 half oz Ganrtarel Jr lures have an MSRP of $31.99.

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