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Shimano unveils new Saragosa SW BFC

by Shimano 27 Jul 2022 15:56 UTC
Saragosa SW BFC © Shimano

Every inch counts when a billfish is within reach, and the all-new Saragosa SW BFC provides the competitive advantage elite anglers need to close the gap when a tournament check or world record is on the line.

Nearly a decade since the introduction of the Talica 20 BFC - the most in-demand saltwater conventional reel on the market - Shimano furthers the Billfish Concept lineup with Saragosa SW BFC: The new benchmark for performance and durability when casting live baits to surface feeding billfish.

Anglers across the globe value Shimano's Saragosa SW spinning reels for impressive winding power, strength and protection from the elements. New for 2022, the upgraded Saragosa SW lineup features a BFC model designed entirely for light-tackle billfishing with 12-, 16- and 20-pound-test monofilament main lines. The flagship Saragosa SW BFC features a more gradual drag curve that delivers a lower drag output when targeting billfish using circle hooks and light fluorocarbon leader.

Tournament anglers fishing for double, triple and quad hookups put a premium on retrieve speed, and Saragosa SW BFC boasts the industry's fastest spinning reel retrieve rate at 56 inches of line per crank with a 6.2:1 gear ratio. This enables anglers to quickly react to billfish changing directions and charging the boat, whether backing down in a sportfish or powering ahead from the bow of a center console.

On South Florida's elite live bait sailfish circuit, teams often scale down to 5/0 circle hooks and 30-pound fluorocarbon leader to fool wary fish. In this arena, spinning reels are highly advantageous, allowing teams to capitalize on tailing sailfish, free-jumping sails, and free-swimming fish following hooked sails to the boat. It is often necessary to cast baits far enough to reach sailfish feeding on the surface without spooking them, especially in clear water with excellent visibility.

Upon feeding a billfish and closing the bail, the Saragosa SW BFC's optimized drag curve maintains smooth and consistent pressure with only minor start-up inertia, which is ideal for setting the circle hook in the corner of the fish's mouth. With a capacity of 550 yards of 12-pound-test monofilament, anglers have plenty of line to play hooked billfish, helping captains manage multiple releases simultaneously.

Properly managing the strike and powerful hookset, Shimano's waterproof Cross Carbon Drag ensures Saragosa SW BFC delivers the smoothest drag possible. To reduce play and deflection of the spool during drawn-out battles with stubborn fish, the Saragosa SW BFC incorporates Shimano's Rigid Support Drag for enhanced spool support to produce smoother and more consistent drag performance.

Shimano's HAGANE Gear lies at the heart of Saragosa SW BFC, delivering smooth performance, quick start-up inertia and impressive durability through the union of strength and power. The cold-forged aluminum HAGANE Gear enhances success on the water through smooth handle rotation and efficient power transmission, combined with the rigid HAGANE Body that encapsulates Saragosa SW BFC within an aluminum frame for extreme rigidity and impact resistance.

Saltwater spray when chasing billfish is inevitable, and Shimano engineered Saragosa SW BFC for the long haul with water and corrosion resistance delivered by the Shimano X-Protect system. By combining water-repellent coatings with a water-channeling labyrinth construction, Shimano's X-Protect provides the durability tournament anglers require for season-after-season use.

Whether casting sardines to striped marlin in Mag Bay, tinker mackerel to white marlin in the Mid-Atlantic, or threadfin herring to tailing sailfish in the Florida Keys, the new Saragosa SW BFC represents the pinnacle of performance in a lightweight yet robust package with everything anglers demand - line capacity, high-speed retrieve and a smooth, consistent drag curve. The Saragosa SW BFC will be available soon from Shimano authorized dealers with an MSRP of $339.99.

Saragosa SW BFC features:

  • HAGANE Gear
  • HAGANE Body
  • X-Shield
  • X-Protect
  • Infinity Drive
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Inches Per Crank: 56
  • Weight: 24.9 oz.

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