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Jarrett Bay Boatworks: New construction updates

by Jarrett Bay Boatworks 18 Dec 2021 11:08 UTC
Hull 67, 56' Renegade © Jarrett Bay Boatworks

Hull 67, 56' Renegade

The faux teak throughout this boat looks amazing including the transom, bow and pulpit, window frames, bridge cap and more. Cabinetry installs are occurring as well as appliance installation in the galley.

All finished components installed on the boat are covered and protected as work progresses.

View construction gallery here.

Hull 65, 64' Sportfisherman

With the cabin sides and top infused, they are now hung on the jig to be scribed and trimmed for a perfect fit. In the cockpit, the fishbox is complete and the gunwale top cap has been tabbed and prepped for the teak covering boards. The salon floor structure is completed ahead of engine installation.

View construction gallery.

Hull 64, 68' Sportfisherman

With a new owner stepping in, progress will begin ramping up on this 68' custom. The down forward floor is nearly complete, prop shafts installed and integrated fuel tanks have been built and pressure-tested.

View Construction Gallery here.

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