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Anglers gain dynamic edge with the all-new Shimano Curado 150 MGL

by Shimano 19 Nov 23:49 UTC
Shimano Curado 150 MGL © Jessica Haydahl Photograhy

The Shimano Curado family sets the benchmark for performance and versatility among low-profile casting reels. Wielded by professional anglers and weekend warriors alike, Shimano's lineup of Curado reels provide dependable, tournament-tested performance in a compact form factor that enhances success on the water. Shimano now introduces the Curado 150 MGL, providing anglers with unparalleled versatility in the lightest Curado to date.

The perfect combination of a 150-size spool paired with MagnumLite (MGL) Spool technology, Shimano engineered the Curado MGL 150 for anglers to fish different techniques with various lure types and sizes with ease — and with greater casting distance and accuracy. "My first impression of the Curado MGL 150 is that it fits perfectly in my hand and has a noticeable weight reduction compared to the Curado 200 - a workhorse reel that I've used for years on a lot of my rods," notes Shimano pro and MLF Pro Circuit angler Alex Davis. "Spending long days on the water prefishing, competing or guiding clients to Lake Guntersville giants means I want every part of my tackle system to be as small and light as possible. The new Curado MGL 150, with its compact, 32 mm body, hits that bullseye perfectly."

"The MagnumLite Spool in the Curado MGL 150 also offers another significant advantage," continues Davis. "The MGL spool's exceptionally low start-up inertia means I can cast further, no matter what lure I'm presenting - and putting my bait in front of more fish during the course of a day means more fish in the tank. That's simple math that pays big dividends every day on the water."

Shimano engineers built the Curado MGL 150 to handle giants with a rigid aluminum HAGANE Body and durable Cross Carbon Drag. "The Curado MGL 150's Cross Carbon Drag is a big difference-maker for me and the ways that I fish," reflects collegiate bass angler Carter Koza. "It's strong, offering 13 pounds of fish-stopping drag power, which comes in handy when trying to set a big flipping hook into a supersized fish in heavy cover. At the same time, the drag is easy to adjust and back off when needed, like when I get that fish out of cover and it's going haywire at the boat. I know that the Cross Carbon Drag system has helped me land fish that I would have lost with other reels."

Precision gearing lies nestled at the heart of the Curado MGL 150 with Shimano reel technologies such as X-Ship, MicroModule Gearing and SilentTune to create an unmatched reeling experience. "Anglers will notice the difference that precision Shimano engineering and gear technologies make every time they turn the handle," asserts Davis.

The all-new Shimano Curado MGL 150 is available in three gear ratios to cover virtually every situation anglers encounter on the water. Davis describes the low gear ratio 6.2:1 Curado MGL 150 (CUMGL150) as an excellent choice for any relatively slow presentation, like fishing a crankbait in cold water or slow-rolling a spinnerbait. "I also like that low gear ratio Curado for grinding a squarebill against rocks and stumps, or fishing a Chatterbait in water as deep as eight feet."

The medium 7.4:1 gear ratio Curado MGL 150 (CUMGL150HG) is the workhorse reel in Carter Koza's boat. "The HG gear ratio Curado MGL 150 is incredibly versatile. I use this reel for almost every horizontal presentation in my playbook - everything from throwing a big worm on a Texas Rig or a Carolina Rig to fishing a jerkbait. For example, if I'm fishing a jig in relatively shallow water, I'll pair the CUMGL150HG with a 7'2" Heavy Power, Fast action Curado rod (CDC72H), and spool up with 15 to 20 pound-test braided line."

The extra-high 8.1:1 gear ratio Curado MGL 150 (CUMGL150XG) is a crucial reel for the way that Alex Davis fishes. "I love to flip and punch grass, and the XG gear ratio Curado MGL150 lets me pick up line fast, either to retrieve and flip again or to drill a fish nestled deep in that heavy cover and get him moving toward the boat. When I'm covering a big expansive grass flat, the CUMGL150XG quite simply makes me more efficient. If I can flip 1200 times a day, and other competitors are only flipping 800 or 900 times a day, I'm getting hundreds more opportunities to catch a fish. Who wouldn't want an advantage like that?"

Tournament-ready, smooth and efficient, the lineup of Shimano Curado MGL 150 models is the perfect addition to an angler's arsenal whether they are on the tournament trail or chasing their next trophy fish. The Curado MGL 150 is available now at authorized Shimano dealers with an MSRP of $199.99.

Curado MGL 150 Features:

MicroModule Gear
MagnumLite (MGL) Spool
Silent Tune
S3D Spool Technology
SVS Infinity Braking
S A-RB Shielded Anti-Rust Bearings
Super Free Spool
Cross Carbon Drag
6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.1:1 Gear Ratios
Right or Left Hand Retrieve

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