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Daiwa launches new low-profile Baitcaster, the Steez CT SV

by Fishing Tackle Retailer 20 Aug 2021 12:24 UTC
Daiwa's Steez CT SV © Fishing Tackle Retailer

Hardcore bass fans asked for it and now Daiwa has delivered big time. Meet the brand new Steez CT SV, a lightweight, super-smooth baitcaster packed full of Daiwa's proprietary cutting-edge technology, unmatched in a reel this size.

Daiwa's high-end Steez line is already renown for exceptional performance, toughness and versatility. The new CT SV raises that bar to even greater heights.

"This is our new flagship low-profile baitcasting reel," says Marc Mills, Field Marketing Manager for Daiwa-US. "It is, quite simply the best baitcasting reel we can make right now, and it incorporates the absolute best of our design breakthroughs in every respect. At just 5.3 ounces, it's built specifically for the U.S. market with the power to handle bigger bass and larger lures in a featherweight format that excels at precision finesse presentations as well. Extremely comfortable in the palm of your hand, it's perfectly balanced, ergonomic design is second to none."

Indeed, the Steez CT SV is packed to the gills with the kind of high-tech advancements you've come to expect from the Daiwa team, but the finer touches significantly enhance this entry as well. Consider the 90-mm handle length and oversize handle knobs that make this reel a pleasure to crank while providing the extra power needed to separate hawg bass from the tangles, blowdowns, weed mats and pilings where they instantly retreat upon feeling the hard set of a sharp hook. A magnesium frame, handle side, and side plate keep the reel extremely rigid and lightweight while special paints and coatings ensure it is also saltwater capable.

Daiwa infused previous platform and technologies from the popular Steez 70 - predecessor to the new Steez CT SV - along with angler feedback and upgraded it with a larger handle, improved gears and most importantly, incorporated the new Hyper Drive Design.

Daiwa's advanced Hyper Drive Design uses special cut gearing and proprietary Hyper Drive Digigear tooth shape incorporated with a smaller tooth pattern so more gear teeth engage at the same time, yielding an efficient transfer of power, therefore making the gear set feel smoother and more powerful, while reducing gear noise. The Steez CT SV's Hyper Double Support is a dual-bearing system for the pinion gear to keep everything in precise alignment. It's magnesium Hyper Armed Housing - frame and sideplates - offer maximum rigidity protection for the precision performance of its internal components. Lastly, the Hyper Drive Clutch is redesigned and reinforced to increase durability and performance.

Two more enhancements stacking the deck for the CT SV are its T-Wing System and an ultralight G1 Duralumin SV (Stress-Free Versatile) long-cast spool. Daiwa's pioneering T-wing System utilizes separate aperture settings for casting and retrieving. Barely noticeable to the eye, this advancement improves casting distance and accuracy by more evenly packing line on the spool. SV spool baitcasting technology also enhances casting distance by automatically adjusting spool tension at the beginning and end of each cast to overcome spool inertia and eliminate overruns when throwing lightweight and standard-weight lures. "It's a sweet anti-backlash feature you'll find on several of Daiwa's most popular reel models including the Tatula SV," notes Mills.

Topping things off, Daiwa has also incorporated their UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) into the Steez CT SV. The UTD includes impregnated drag discs, which are about 30 times more durable than normal discs, increasing considerably the effective drag power compared to normal drag systems while also reducing start-up resistance - the drag starts working when the adjusted drag power is reached and drags smoothly and steadily. Yet another nice touch on the CT SV is an audible clicker, like those found on Daiwa spinning reels, that lets anglers know when a fish is taking drag.

"The Steez CT SV truly puts a ton of bass-catching technology in the palm of your hand," says Mills. "So much so that no other reel on the market can match it. It's technology you can really trust, too, because Daiwa engineers design it here in America and then we build it in our own factories in Japan. That means we can tailor it specifically for the United States market and oversee the entire design, manufacturing and quality-control process from beginning to end. We don't source anything out."

All of which helps explain how Daiwa can back its entire Steez line with their ultimate warranty. Called the Daiwa Executive Steez Service Warranty, it provides cleaning and service at no charge for 5-years with proof of purchase. Similar warranties cover Daiwa's flagship Saltiga and Exist spinning reels. The Steez line is the company's first baitcaster to offer executive-level service.

"No doubt about it," says Mills, "this is the Bentley of lightweight, low-profile baitcasters and, with Steez Executive Service, it comes with a warranty to back it up 100-pecent. When your reel needs service - or even a cleaning - simply ship it off to the Daiwa service department. They'll get it serviced, polished and back to you within 24 hours of receiving the reel. It's a terrific deal."

With all its features, featherweight design, and smooth, powerful performance, plus an executive service warranty, the CT SV is the perfect spearhead for advanced-bassing arsenals. At $729.99 retail, it's an investment that can pay big dividends for hardcore bass mavens who insist on heading into battle armed with nothing but the best.

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