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Stainless Steel Outlet Covers built for harsh weather

by Hubbell Marine 11 Nov 2023 19:43 UTC
Stainless Steel Outlet Covers © Hubbell Marine

Stainless steel combines long-lasting corrosion resistance with an attractive, classic appearance to enhance any deck. That's why Hubbell Marine uses it in its premium Stainless Steel Flip Covers to protect electrical terminals from impacts, weather, even curious children and pets.

Both styles of Hubbell Marine Stainless Steel Flip Covers, and associated hinge pins, springs and mounting hardware, are built from heavy-duty polished 316 stainless steel. The easy-to-clean covers are enhanced by durable elastomer base gaskets and EVA back gaskets for weatherproof reliability.

Self-closing Stainless Steel Flip Covers meet UL Type 3R standards for rain, sleet and ice resistance. For added protection, watertight and dust-tight Latching Flip Covers meet UL Type 4X standards, ideal for backing down on gamefish.

Both styles are available in standard or decorator duplex or GFCI configurations. Suitable for either horizontal or vertical mounting, Hubbell Marine Stainless Steel Flip Covers measure 77.2mm H x 123.2mm W with a compact depth of 22.4mm.

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