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SRD20 Vinyl Protectant gets it right

by SRD20 17 Aug 2023 14:31 UTC
SRD20 Vinyl Protectant © SRD20

Considering the investments in their on-water platforms, it's no wonder boaters and anglers tend to be serious when it comes to keeping their vessels spic and span.

The one spot where many fall short, however, is tackling vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces after they've cleaned, restored and protected their hulls. It's for exactly that reason more and more boat owners are turning to SRD20's new wave Vinyl Protectant to finish the job. It provides the perfect accent to a great hull shine and proves the axiom "little things mean a lot."

"I've said it before and I'll say it again," states Stewart Delcambre, the company's founder. "Cleaning your boat shouldn't be that hard. Still, you might as well go ahead and finish the job right. There's no way to better compliment that nice, clean hull finish than by refreshing your vinyl seating, cushions, hoses and rub rails - especially if you've already given yourself a great start with our SRD20 Pink Soap for Boats, SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant, and/or SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax."

As opposed to most vinyl cleaners, SRD20 Vinyl Protectant is a lotion, not a spray. Sold in an 8-ounce bottle, it relies on a unique blend of polymer protectants to guard against cracking and fading due to the harmful impacts of UV rays while restoring and protecting vinyl, plastic and rubber. In keeping with SRD20's entire product line it's incredibly easy to use - and a little goes a long way. Simply apply a small amount to the surface of interest and spread it around for full coverage using an applicator pad, folded microfiber cloth or soft bristle brush. Allow the lotion to dwell and penetrate for several minutes before wiping off any access.

"As a lotion," notes Delcambre, "this product really gets absorbed by the surface, providing superior protection, appearance enhancement, and a natural luster that looks great without overstating itself. Its restorative effects also significantly outlast most sprayable formulas."

SRD20 offers easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove, long-lasting and highly effective boat cleaning and protectant products. Infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology that works at a micro level to provide superior results, they make boat cleaning and maintenance a snap.

In addition to its SRD20 Vinyl Protectant, the company's all-star line-up includes its popular SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant, SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax, and SRD20 Pink Soap for Boats. All SRD20 products are made in the USA and available at and

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