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SRD20's flagship product represents the future of boat care

by SRD20 26 May 20:52 UTC
SRD20 Graphene ceramic spray protectant © SRD20

It all sounds easy until you try it. Wax on, wax off. That's the recipe for keeping boats looking showroom ready, right?

Well, sort of. You do need to apply a protectant to keep your outer shell sharp and spiffy. It's just that few boat owners realize traditional waxes require heavy elbow grease and buffing to apply properly and perform at their best - and even then, they rarely live up to expectations.

"It shouldn't be hard work," says Stewart Delcambre, founder of SRD20 boat washes and protectants that represent the future of boat care. "Most boat care products on the market lack modern technology," explains Delcambre. "We wanted to put out something that rivaled the automobile industry in terms of ease of use, overall performance, and long-lasting protection. In short, we set out to create a line of boat cleaning and protectant products infused with cutting edge nanotechnology that works at a micro level to provide ultimate performance."

It took several years of exhaustive research, investment and laboratory testing to get the formulas just right, but the end result has been the launch of SRD20's product line, including its increasingly popular flagship product, SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant. Though made available for purchase less than two years ago, the new line, which also includes SRD20 Waterless Wash & Wax with SiO2 Ceramic and SRD20 Pink Soap for Boats, is already turning heads with its ability to clean, shine and protect virtually any watercraft for months at a time while requiring minimum effort to apply.

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According to Delcambre, the key to keeping your hull, deck and cockpit sparkling is to start with the best protectant possible. That's where SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant really shines. Outperforming traditional waxes, spray ceramic polymers and sealants, its advanced liquid formulation allows it to be easily applied. Simply spray it on, spread it evenly with an applicator pad or folded microfiber, let flash, and buff dry to leave behind a protective ceramic coating that lasts for months - no hard buffing or machines required.

"It really is an amazing formula," says Delcambre. "This is your base coat of protection. It's essentially SiO2 (silicon dioxide) mixed with graphene to create a surface protection that is more durable than typical wax. It causes a lot of beading when struck by water, and you'll notice those beads are particularly small. It works great on fiberglass gelcoat, bass boats, aluminum boats, pontoon boats, jet skis, kayaks and more. It can be used on all parts of the hull, above or below deck, and can even be applied in full sun."

SIDEBAR: Graphene is an allotrope (different physical forms that coexist) of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice nanostructure.

It's also easy to apply and remove. Unlike typical waxes and sealants, SRD20 Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating and Protectant doesn't build up on itself after reapplication or leave hard-to-remove white chalk seen when applying other boat wax and polymer products. It simply shines and protects surfaces from contaminants such as salt and freshwater, acid rain, bird and spider droppings, and UV rays. You can apply it to almost any hard, non-porous surface on your boat. When you see those tiny beads of water, you'll instantly realize it's a big improvement.

Of course, you'll want to incorporate SRD20 Waterless Wash & Wax with SiO2 Ceramic and SRD20 Pink Soap for Boats into your maintenance routine and apply as needed throughout the boating season. Using all three products in unison provides a cleaning and protection synergy that takes a beating and keeps on shining.

In the end, SRD20 products require less work to apply while providing greater protection for your investment and, ultimately, more time for fun on the water.

"That," concludes Delcambre, "is exactly the point."

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