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Prepping for Where the Map Turns Blue

by SORD Fishing Products 7 Apr 12:08 UTC
Picking the right offshore trolling spot © SORD

Fair warning for anyone in the Gulf of Mexico that has been peeled to their weather apps... next week is not looking too good. We are getting cabin fever over here at the new warehouse and sitting on GO whenever the weather will allow us to get out there.

There is an itch that arrives every April and does not go away until after a heavy dose of blue water therapy.

In our free time we have been re-spooling the top shots on our 50's, untangling a cluster of ilanders, and getting our knives sharpened up for the season. We believe that the devil is truly in the details when it comes to chasing big fish and that is why we check or replace every small component before each season starts. When you spend enough time offshore it is not "if" but "when" a fish of a lifetime will end up ravaging your spread. Get ready for the season with that in mind and it changes your entire perspective.

Alright enough talk about organization while this wind makes our head spin. We put together an article on the single most important part of blue water fishing, how to pick where you are going to troll for the day? As the old timers like to say it is not WHAT you troll, but WHERE you are trolling at. Check it out.

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