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How Jason Christie conquered the classic

by Fishing Tackle Retailer 17 Mar 2022 16:14 UTC
Jason Christie © Fishing Tackle Retailer

Jason Christie said before the Bassmaster Classic began that this year's Classic might be won in 30 feet or less than three feet.

He proved that with a two-pronged winning approach that included both. He began days fishing deep and spent the rest of his time fishing shallow with a War Eagle Jiu-Jigsu Jig.

The deep fish provided early confidence, allowing Christie to commit to the jig, which he knew would yield fewer bites but was likely to produce the quality of fish he would need to win. For shallow fish, Christie fished exclusively with the Jiu-Jigsu Jig, and it ended up yielding the larger portion of his winning weight.

The Jiu-Jigsu is a premium 5/8-ounce flipping jig that features a modified Arkie-style head, a recessed line tie to help it get through cover, a Hole-In-One Skirt in exclusive colors, a stout 4/O Owner Zo-Wire Hook, a weed guard with enough flex to allow for solid hook sets, and a dual-wire keeper to hold trailers in place.

"We left nothing untouched on this jig," said War Eagle product director Chad Warner, who worked closely with War Eagle's original owner and with elite pro staffers to make certain the Jiu-Jigsu was built to their specifications.

Several factors led to Jason Christie choosing the Jiu-Jigsu for his primary approach, which focused on the extreme shallow ends of docks in clear water. High on the list were the shape of the head, the hook and the colors. The Jiu-Jigsu jig's 5/8-ounce weight also was important to Christie because of the clear water.

"I was fishing in a foot to three feet, and people think you need a smaller jig in that situation. But when the water is clear, I want to go fast," Christie said.

Christie completed his Jiu-Jigsu Jig with a 2.75-inch YUM Craw Chunk because he wanted a natural crawfish profile and a bit of movement but did not want a lot of flapping action.

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