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Step-by-step guide: proper fish care

by AFTCO 24 Feb 19:03 UTC
AFTCO has partnered with the Ike Jime Federation © AFTCO

AFTCO partners with the Ike Jime Federation

AFTCO has partnered with the Ike Jime Federation to provide the recreational sportfishing community with the tools needed to achieve superior grade seafood. Influenced by Japanese traditional fish harvesting techniques, the Ike Jime Federation harnesses the power to bring the most biochemically superior product to your dinner table.

How to Ike Jime a Fish

Step 1: Brain Spike
Euthanize the fish. This limits the accumulation of lactic acid, stress hormones, and the increase of core body temperature.

Step 2: Bleeding
Cut membrane behind gills on both sides and bleed completely. This process helps to extend the shelf life of the fish.

Step 3: Shinkei Jime
Run Circuit Breaker wire up the neural canal. Once completely inserted, pull wire back and forth several times to destroy spinal cord and paralyze the fish.

Step 4: Cooldown
Immediately place fish into an ice slurry to bring core body temperature down. This slows the intensity of rigor.

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Culinary benefits of Ike Jime with Chef Cimarusti

Chef Michael Cimarusti is the owner and head chef at Providence Los Angeles, a fine-dining seafood restaurant that boasts two Michelin Stars. Excelling at fresh seafood options, Providence has been making steps towards a sustainable menu for years. When you find a chef that also has a passion as an angler, you find the perfect combination to tell the story of Ike Jime.

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