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Redfin Polarized sunglasses changes the eyewear game for serious anglers

by Source Outdoor Group 17 Nov 22:22 UTC
Redfin Polarized sunglasses © Redfin Polarized

Sunglass industry veteran, Hunter Johnson, has assembled a cutting-edge team of partners set to redefine the way American anglers see the waters they boat and fish.

Redfin Polarized is making its debut in mid-November. The brand will be helmed by a team of accomplished business leaders and outdoorsmen.

"Life is too short to wear inferior eyewear," says Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Redfin, noting his company's tagline. "Redfin is the result of our efforts to secure talented people, first-class suppliers and our commitment to producing the best quality eyewear possible."

In addition to Johnson, the management team includes Redfin Cofounder, a successful entrepreneur and seasoned financier, Brooks Pennington IV; Head of Operations, Brandon Cornwell; and Head of Brand Development, former country singer Jared Wade.

"My grandfather, when being interviewed regarding the success of Pennington Seed, stated, 'When you put my name on a product, you had better make sure it's the best there is. I won't have my name associated with anything that's second-best.'" said Brooks Pennington IV, Head of Operations. "I strive to uphold this motto with all of my entrepreneurial endeavors. Hunter's passion for the eyewear industry and commitment to quality is unmatched. When the opportunity came about to partner with Hunter, there was no question I wanted to take part in the effort to make the finest eyewear that modern technology allows."

Redfin boasts the highest quality frames and lenses and promises to make the best sunglasses an angler can own, bar none. Redfin utilizes state-of-the-art production methods paired with the most innovative lens technology available. The frames are custom-designed and hand-built at the factory in Northern Italy. Boasting the best Italian style and design, the handcrafted frames are meticulously forged with marine-grade Swiss polymers for ultimate durability. What really makes the difference to many anglers are the lenses. Redfin utilizes the clearest precision lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, known as the unparalleled global leader in lens clarity and construction.

"We put a lot of research, testing and care into our lenses. We are excited that Redfin is offering this technology and protection to anglers. Premium lenses make a big difference for the durability and performance of the sunglasses." said Flora Schierano, Marketing Manager, ZEISS Sunlens.

Redfin is so confident in the quality of their glasses that every model is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. Redfin also offers an industry-leading loss & accidental damage policy that replaces any damaged sunglasses one time for a flat fee of $109 for the life of your sunglasses.

To view the complete product line and learn more about Redfin Polarized Sunglasses, please visit

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