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The revolutionary new Riff Mask is here

by Fishing Tackle Retailer 25 Aug 20:48 UTC
Riff Mask ©

The Riff Mask is revolutionary two-piece, technical sun hood designed for those who work and play outdoors.

The riff is made of ultralight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric for unparalleled sun protection, while its novel full-coverage design sits off the face for all-day comfort.

Fresh air passes through the mask at three moldable vents, reducing heat and improving wearability. Unique additions such as the glare guard, which reduces surface glare and eliminates sunglass fogging, are tailored for anglers and boating.

Featuring ultralight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric for unparalleled sun protection, a host of unique features and superior comfort possible thanks to novel technical designs like the three-way airflow system and built-in glare guard, the Riff Mask is perfect for any outdoor pursuit. The Riff Mask noticeably reduces sun exposure, dehydration and fatigue; the Riff doesn't just protect you, but makes your "Life in the Sun" better.


  • Ultralight double-layered UPF 50+ fabric offers total UV protection
  • Side air vents for improved breathability and comfort
  • Detachable face cover secured by two rare earth magnets
  • Glare guard enhances vision and eliminates lens fogging
  • Side and back bungees offer secure fit in wind and at speed
  • Rigid brim allows for use with or without a hat
  • D-rings along lapel for easy access to tools
  • Unisex ponytail holder allows hair to be worn outside the mask

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