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RBAW Member Communication - Be Whale Wise Video

by Recreational Boating Association of Washington 12 Jul 16:57 UTC
Killer Whales © NOAA Fisheries

Over the last couple of years, RBAW has worked hard on your behalf on ways to protect and restore our state's Orca whale population. We have tried to keep laws and regulations from an overreach and focused on the value of important public education campaigns like "Be Whale Wise."

In that vein, RBAW has joined with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to contribute to this powerful video on how we can protect our beloved Orcas. It is important that we respect the safety of the marine environment that supports these whales, and follow the rules that are in place for when we do encounter them:

  • Boats to stay 300 yards from Southern Resident Killer Whales on either side.
  • Boats to stay 400 yards out of the whales' path/in front and behind vessels;
  • "Go slow" (7 knots or less) requirements within half mile of Southern Resident Killer Whales;
  • Turn off echo sounders when it is safe to do so; and
  • Turn off fish finders or disengage engines if whales appear within 300 yards, when it is safe to do so.
We also ask all recreational boaters to please educate yourself on the rules and what is considered unlawful behavior when near whales. Washington State laws and guidance are here: Washington State Regulations & Guidelines

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