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Daiwa's new LAZY FA SHAD - The virtues of laziness

by Daiwa 26 Dec 2023 17:53 UTC
Daiwa's new LAZY FA SHAD © Daiwa

Full-bodied swimbaits have proven that a carefree, practically lazy motion can trigger massive strikes. Works on freshwater bass. Dittos for inshore.

The trouble with saltwater is that a pack of soft plastic swimbaits mightn't get you through the morning. Let's just say there are lot of paddletails left out there.

So, what if you could replicate the same relaxed motion in a hardbait? Maybe factor in some subtle snaking around, too? Well, DAIWA did just that. The new LAZY FA SHAD puts the personality of a swimbait in a saltwater-grade twitchbait and included a sluggish slalom.

On a straight retrieve, DAIWA's LAZY FA SHAD winds through the water like a relaxed baitfish - one destined to become a meal. The floating lure dives up to three-feet when engaged, precise depth dictated by the speed of retrieve and weight of the line, narrower pulling deeper.

And, unlike a swimbait motoring with limited wobble, the LAZY FA SHAD rolls and shows its sides while in motion, broadcasting a subdued flash that says come and get me.

The LAZY FA SHAD's curious slalom action is produced by a conspicuous fin centered on the head of the bait. Sort of looks like a miniature aquatic rhinoceros. Despite the diminutive nature of the fin, though, it really moves the bait around.

The LAZY FA SHAD can be fished more aggressively, too. Technically categorized as a twitchbait, snapping the LAZY FA SHAD affects a sudden dive followed by a slow rise on the rest. And, because of the fin, each pull sends it in another direction. Essentially, it's two lures in one: a slow swimmer and a ripper.

Internally, the LAZY FA SHAD features a dual-purpose metal ball chamber. On the cast, it's a weight-transfer system to impart exceptional launch distances, even bucking the wind. While retrieved, it emits subtle ticks that produce auditory responses - strikes - from inshore predators like redfish, trout, jacks, snook, calico bass, and others.

Externally, the durable LAZY FA SHAD sports refined cosmetics, to include realistic eyeballs, gills and mouthparts, and scale patterns that capture light and throw color. Choose from a palette of proven saltwater patterns, including 3D KONOSIRO, SKELETON CHART BACK, SKELETON RED HEAD, SKELETON MULLET, HOLO SARDINE, and PINK CLEAR HOLO.

For the first time, laziness is a virtue.


  • Unique rolling and slalom swim
  • Can be fished slow or fast
  • Floats and dives up to three-feet
  • Size: 90mm (3.5-inches)
  • Weight: ¾-ounce
  • Hooks: premium #3 trebles
  • Durable body
  • Realistic eyeballs, mouthparts, and gills
  • Detailed scale patterns

MSRP $16.99

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