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Exploring Key West with Captain Justin Farrell: Sailfish 2360 center console adventures

by Sailfish Boats 25 Oct 2023 19:50 UTC
Justin Ferrell lives his best life running a charter company in the Keys from his Sailfish 2360 CC © Sailfish Boats

Captain Justin Farrell's journey in his Sailfish 2360 Center Console is proof of the exceptional adventures that await in the Florida Keys. With over 7,000 hours on the water, his boat has seen its fair share of action.

Justin bought his Sailfish shortly after Hurricane Irma in 2017, and it quickly became the star of his charter company, Good Times Key West. The boat is perfect for both family excursions and fishing trips, thanks to its versatile design. "On a typical day we begin with several hours of fishing - often for snapper - then catch and release a shark or a larger fish off the gunnel, and head out to enjoy the beach and grill dinner. We call it 'Dinner and A Show,'" he laughs.

All Sailfish boats are designed for such diverse experiences, and they are a hit with both families and anglers. "Key West has two completely different fisheries and bodies of water: the north and the west sides. For 25 miles of back country, you'll walk in shallow water, where we find the beaches, the sandbars, and little channels that are a little bit deeper and hold fish. Then, if you go out the other direction by 25 miles, you'll be in a thousand feet of water. Sailfish really provides the best for both experiences."

The "backcountry", as Captain Justin refers to it, is a place where the Sailfish 2360 thrives, with its exceptional features like comfortable bow seating, a head, removable transom seating, and self-draining fish boxes. The boat is not only comfortable but also built for trolling and exploring, especially in the shallow coastal waters of Key West.

"I tell my customers that [my Sailfish is] biggest boat that they're going to find in the shallow water in the backcountry - and also the smallest boat that they'll find 40 miles offshore fishing," he adds. "Our boat handles both vastly different experiences beautifully." And he adds of the Key West fisheries: "If you haven't run a-ground, you haven't been around. There are so many water-bound environments to explore, and Sailfish handles them all with ease."

Captain Justin's journey with his 2360 Center Console is a testament to the exceptional adventures that await in the Florida Keys. His passion for boating and his commitment to delivering memorable experiences to his guests makes his Sailfish center console an idea vessel for his endeavors.

Whether you're an angler or simply seeking a day of fun in the sun, Justin's story exemplifies the versatility and excellence that Sailfish Boats offer. Any day in Key West is a good day in a Sailfish boat.

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