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BUBBA™ introduces revolutionary smart fish scale, Pro Series, Mobile App

by BUBBA 14 May 2023 18:27 UTC
BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale App © BUBBA

BUBBA™, a brand known for its high-quality angling equipment designed by fishermen, for fishermen, has introduced two innovative, feature-rich, digital fishing scales that set a new standard for performance in the category: the BUBBA® Smart Fish Scale and the BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale.

The BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is compatible with the new BUBBA® mobile app, which allows for rapid data capture and storage, and facilitates virtual competition. The new BUBBA® smart fish scale line-up is now available at

Matt Kinamore, Sr. Director of Brand Management & Marketing at American Outdoor Brands, said, "There are over 30 million bass anglers across the country, and many share a passion for the big catch, a quick weigh-in, and a humane release back into the water. Whether a tournament competitor or someone enjoying a day off work on the water, this group has long been starved of innovation to help feed that passion. That's why our BUBBA™ team has created two cutting-edge fish scales and a mobile app designed to revolutionize the on-water experience for both tournament and recreational anglers alike."

BUBBA™ Pro Series Smart Fish Scale ($229)

The BUBBA™ Pro Series Smart Fish Scale (Pro SFS) is designed to be the most rapid, simple, and ergonomic fish scale available. The Bubba™ Pro SFS quickly powers up, locks in on the fish's weight in a flash, and stores the data, allowing the angler to quickly get back to fishing. Featuring the BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Culling System, the BUBBA™ Pro SFS calculates total bag weight, identifies the largest fish, then automatically identifies the smallest fish, allowing the angler to cull it quickly and easily. The BUBBA® Pro SFS can weigh fish up to an impressive 60 lbs., has an accuracy rating of +/- 0.3%, is IPX7 waterproof, and comes with a fish clip and lip hook, lithium battery, USB charging cord, and AA battery tray, which all fit within the included waterproof case. The BUBBA® Pro Series SFS comes with a 2-year BUBBA™ Pro app membership.

"We just wrapped up Clark's Hill and couldn't be more thankful to win this event. This scale helped me win this event. Whenever you're catching spotted bass back-to-back-to-back like that, being able to look at this scale, tell exactly what I have, have it tell me exactly what fish to cull, that has saved me so much time throughout this event. I caught my last fish, a 4-1/2 pounder with 15 minutes left to go. If I didn't have this scale to help me cull efficiently throughout the day, I wouldn't have those 15 minutes. So that right there tells you how important it is to have a good culling system, and this scale has definitely helped me do that this week.

The BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale is equipped with three versatile modes:

Tournament Mode

  • Livewell management of up to 8 fish
  • Smart Culling System with smallest fish and total fish display
  • Individual and total bag weight display
  • Programmable tournament display
Rally Mode
  • Largest and smallest fish display
  • Fish count
  • Bag weight
Competition Mode
  • Compete on one device with up to 4 anglers
  • Bag weights of up to 4 anglers
  • Heaviest individual
  • Total bag weight display
The BUBBA™ mobile App works exclusively with the BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale, allowing anglers to automatically log fish weight and catch locations, compete with other anglers, and manage virtual tournaments. The built-in, live map tracking with waypoint options allows anglers to record their catch location data to save for future use or share with other anglers. Anglers can also log trip details such as weather conditions and moon phases, while capturing data such as fish species, weight, length, and trip distance and duration.

BUBBA™ Smart Fish Scale ($129)

The standard BUBBA® Smart Fish Scale is equipped with the same ergonomic design as the BUBBA® Pro Series and has an IPX7 standard waterproof rating. Features include a segmented LCD screen, 60-pound weight limit, best-in-class reading accuracy of +/- 0.3%, included fish clip and lip hook, and AA battery tray. The Smart Fish Scale also features two modes - tournament mode and rally mode - and is compatible with the Pro Series Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery ($20 sold separately).

For more information on the BUBBA® Smart Fish Scale, the BUBBA® Pro Series Smart Fish Scale, and the BUBBA™ mobile app, please visit