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427 Nomad SE is a showstopper

by Intrepid Powerboats 26 Feb 19:04 UTC
427 Nomad SE © Intrepid Powerboats

Intrepid's all-new 427 Nomad SE made its debut on the boating world's biggest stage - the Miami International Boat Show.

The impressive design was a real crowd pleaser under the lights at the Convention Center with so many from the Intrepid Nation going through it from top to bottom and from bow to stern.

Thank you to all those who shared their rave reviews about the 427 Nomad SE... ?we really take your comments and compliments to heart.

Also, special thanks to the owner of the new boat, Russell Grande, for letting us showcase the exciting model. Russell has owned a number of Intrepids, and he thinks that this may be the top boat he's ever been on!

We were pleased to host a special After Party at the boat show with plenty of cocktails, music and good times with Intrepid owners. Everyone had a great time, so we're looking to host more events like this in the future.

Sea trials for the 51 Panacea

Intrepid held sea trials for the new 51 Panacea in advance of its debut at the upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show next month.

This is our largest boat yet, so we really put it to the test. It ran with a power package of four Mercury 600s and was carrying 900 gallons of fuel, six people and an extra set of props. How did it perform? Watch the enclosed video to hear the results!

  • Length: 51' 0"
  • Beam: 14' 10"
  • Max Fuel Capacity: 900 Gallons
  • Water Capacity: 130 Gallons

Let me provide some additional incentive to attend the Palm Beach International Boat Show. We will be debuting the all-new 51 Panacea. Our largest boat yet has electrified the boating world with its formidable size, unmatched power and unprecedented luxury.

This is more of everything you want in a powerboat: spacious helm with two rows of 4 across seating, helm seat cabinet with countertop, sink, refrigerator and slide out cooler; triple forward sun lounger; opulent cabin; and more. Plan on visiting us at the Palm Beach International Boat show to experience the 51 Panacea for yourself.

More details here...

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