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Countdown to success with updated Sealine SL-3B

by Daiwa 28 Dec 2022 07:26 UTC
Sealine SL-3B © Daiwa

If you're serious about trolling, you've probably had at least some experience with DAIWA's widely popular Sealine SL-3B series reels. After all, this reliable, durable, and hard-working stalwart has been an industry leader in its space for over 25 years. A great choice for pulling spreads intended for walleye, salmon, trout, pike and even musky on expansive lakes and large reservoirs, it also sees duty on the salty side for everything from stripers and blues to mahi and Spanish mackerel.

The Sealine SL-3B's new modern look certainly is eye-catching, but this reel's performance will never leave you wondering "Where's the beef?" It's still built tough for demanding usage in both freshwater and saltwater environments, continues to feature a direct drive, built-in line counter for reliable measurements in feet, and remains exceptionally easy to operate with its automatic, self-engaging clutch. Set your spread out behind the boat, steer your course, and grab your rod when that unmistakable spool clicker calls you to attention. With a turn of the handle, your reel instantly kicks into gear and the adventure begins.

"There's always been a lot to like about the Sealine SL-3B series and we didn't want to change that," says Marc Mills, senior marketing manager at DAIWA. "So, we redesigned the look, gave it a few slight engineering tweaks, and mostly let it stand on the merits it's earned. With its precise, built-in, direct drive line counter there's never any guessing as to how much line you are letting out or taking up. That makes it easy to place lures and baits at the exact depth or distance behind the boat you need them to be for big time scores."

Sealine SL-3B reels also feature DAIWA's UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) system, which includes impregnated drag discs that are about 30 times more durable than typical discs. This feature increases the effective drag power and consistency, while also reducing start-up resistance to ensure a smooth response from the initial strike through a fish's last-ditch boat-side antics. "Down-rigger fans especially love this feature," adds Mills, "because it also eliminates drag creep - even when you don't take the boat completely out of gear to deck your catch."

Of course, it would be hard to have such reliable and steadfast performance without a great chassis to support the ride. To that end, the Sealine SL-3B's 1-piece composite frame and machined-aluminum spool keep construction light without compromising strength, even in corrosive saltwater situations. Team all the above with Helical Cut Brass Gears that are cut on an angle for better power transfer and a quieter, smoother working rotation, and the Sealine SL-3B series is notable for its pioneering technology as well as its dependable work ethic.

Sealine SL-3B reels come in eight sizes and are a must-have addition to any serious big water trolling arsenal, whether freshwater or saltwater themed. Eight models are available in the series to cover a wide range of conditions and species considerations. All feature 3 ball bearings (3BB) for smooth and durable performance. Gear ratios vary from 4.2:1 to 6.1:1 based on model selected while line per handle crank ranges from 24.4 to 42.9 inches per rotation. Reel weights range from 12.9 ounces to 19.6 ounces. The series also boasts notable line capacities ranging from 10/290 to 20/580 for mono, and 30/270 to 50/650 for DAIWA J-Braid. Maximum drag setting varies from 8.8 pounds to 16 pounds based on the model selected.

Available online and in stores this November, the latest Sealine SL-3B series reels are a must-have tackle acquisition for serious big-water trolling fans. Those attending ICAST Show in Orlando, FL, July 19 - 22, can also get a preview of the latest and greatest Sealine SL-3Bs. MSRP: $129.99 to $149.99.


  • Direct Drive Built-In Line Counter
  • Automatic Self Engaging Clutch
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Helical Cut Gears
  • Ultimate Tournement Drag (UTD)
  • One-Piece Composite Frame
  • Spool Clicker

For Daiwa's latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa's Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or email inquiries to: . The Daiwa web site can be found at

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