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A friend of yours is a friend of Intrepid

by Intrepid Powerboats 16 Oct 2022 17:55 UTC
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"Having a new Intrepid built would allow me to customize everything specifically to my needs." Craig Rosen - 327 Nomad Owner.

Craig Rosen was considering purchasing his first powerboat and asked a boat-owning friend for advice. It wasn't surprising that the friend recommended looking at Intrepids, since he owned one. However, Craig was intrigued at the strong encouragement to call company vice president Alex Rizo directly for assistance.

His friend had benefited from his own experience with Alex so he wanted Craig to receive the same attentive care and exhaustive expertise.

"I was originally interested in purchasing a pre-owned boat," said Craig, "but came to see that having a new Intrepid built would allow me to customize everything specifically to my needs. And because Intrepids hold their value so well, there wasn't a strong incentive for me to get something used."

Craig found that he experienced the same high level of service from Alex Rizo and the entire Intrepid team that had made his friend such a fan. He said, "It was clear that they were focused on me getting the best boat for my needs, not just trying to maximize the size of the sale. That was extremely helpful to me as a first-time boat buyer." In addition, Craig has found that the high level of service continued long after the sale.

The Rosen family is currently enjoying their new Intrepid for great days on the water, socializing with other boaters along South Florida sand bars and trying their hand at snorkeling and diving.

Once you've experienced this vessel's extraordinary levels of precision, performance, and style, you'll understand why our relentless pursuit of perfection in a luxury sport yacht was well worth the wait.

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