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Buying fishing rods supports America's fisheries

by St. Croix Rods 25 Sep 19:52 UTC
Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Act © St. Croix Rods

Bet you never thought buying fishing tackle makes you a conservation leader. We're not even trying to convince your spouse that it's okay to buy a few more rods.

Many anglers and hunters don't know that a portion of every dollar of gear purchased goes right back to the places and resources they fish and hunt.

The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Act is a rare partnership among states, manufacturers like St. Croix Rod, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Every time you go out and buy a lure, a new rod, a new reel; you are giving back to the very resource you fish and hunt in, helping ensure that all anglers and hunters have access to the natural resources we hold close to our hearts.

We are all active stakeholders of our natural resources. Anglers, let's celebrate how these excise tax dollars are going back to our fisheries. Learn more about Partner with a Payer and how our Excise Tax dollars are being put to work for all anglers and our fisheries.

Learn more about the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Act:

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