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Ever Green OB-68 really pops with new colors

by Daiwa USA 15 Sep 19:36 UTC
Ever Green OB-68 © Daiwa USA

For freshwater fans, nothing beats the thrill of a lunker largemouth or bronzeback exploding on a popper.

Whether you're fishing a bucket-list destination or that farm pond down the road, the splashin' and thrashin' of surface action never gets old. That's exactly why bass fans are drawn to Ever Green's masterfully designed OB-68 popper. Now, the addition of seven great new colors gives it even more appeal


"That makes 9 patterns in all for this super popper," says Marc Mills, senior marketing manager at Daiwa. "We've got all the bases covered so that anglers can match up an Ever Green 0B-68 popper to any water condition or baitfish species they come across. That versatility means you can swap out pattens at a moment's notice if you discover the bass shifting their preference to a different type of baitfish and make your popper stand out to provoke strikes from fish searching for something a little different, or to match changing skies or water clarity. The possibilities are endless."

Colors are important, but so is a lure's complete design when it comes to surface fishing, which helps explain how the Ever Green OB-68 sees so much success. Designed to "spit, bubble and pop" in response to every twitch of the rod tip, this unmatched topwater popper features a sharp-edged face cup that produces both strong and weak splashing sounds, catering to varying surface conditions. A perfectly balanced body yields tangle-free, arrow-straight casts, as well as steadiness on the surface, whether chugged rapidly or languidly. Additional fish-provoking noise is generated by its tungsten, brass, steel and glass rattle weights. Each rattle pounds out a unique frequency, combining for a hybrid rattling sound with wide appeal.

Yet another design feature of the Ever Green OB-68 is it's flipped up tail, which reduces air resistance during the cast. This allows anglers to probe potential bassing hot spots from a considerable distance, even when working against strong headwinds. Add in a nice set of tail feathers on the rear treble, through-wiring, plus that generous color selection and the odds are stacked in your favor every time you tie this lure to the end of your line.

Daiwa's Ever Green OB-68 measures 2-2/3 inches, weighs 3/8 of an ounce, and carries super sharp size six treble hooks under the belly and at the tail. Oh, did we mention it comes in 9 cool colors?

All seven new colors will be available starting in September, but you can view them now if attending the ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida, July 19 - 22, by stopping at the Daiwa booth (#5630). MSRP: $15.95.


  • Sharp-edged face cup for more spit, bubble and splash
  • Available in 9 colors, including 7 NEW patterns
  • Super-sharp size 6 treble hooks with feathered rear hook
  • Fish-provoking hybrid rattle sounds from Tungsten, brass, steel and glass rattle weights
  • Flipped-up tail for less wind resistance and better casting

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