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Ever green pencil lures draw new colors

by Daiwa USA 8 Sep 2022 19:14 UTC
Ever green pencil lures draw new colors © Daiwa

Sometimes you want a lot of splash, noise and frenzy on the surface. Sometimes you don't. It's the later scenario where Ever Green's JT-95 and JT-115 excel.

Silent pencil baits that cast a mile, call in bass with a quick walk-the-dog retrieve, and stick just about any fish that comes near their hooks, this topwater duo have earned their place in the arsenals of bass fishing sharpies the world over.

Now Daiwa is sweetening the pot by adding six new color patterns to further increase the versatility of this popular topwater line, no matter how shallow, deep or heavily pressured the fish. Already available in two proven, scaled patterns including Blue Back Herring, Bone, you can now add Clear, Full Metal, Flask Wakasagi, Magic Gill, Ice Fish, Flash Clear Shad, and Ghost Olive Shad to the mix to match almost any combination of bait, weather conditions or water clarity you encounter.

If you've never given these awesome pencil lures a try, you've been missing out. With slim, compact body designs, excellent castability and a natural non-rattling finish, they silently coax both smallmouth and largemouth bass into powerful strikes, even in clear water. With their comparatively short bodies, the JT's are perfect for quick walk-the-dog retrieves that mimic the panic of distressed baitfish. At 3.75 inches, the JT-95 is a great choice for bronzebacks while the 4.5-inch JT-115 is the right size to turn the head of any largemouth - hawgs included.

Running slightly heavier than pencil baits of similar lengths - the JT-95 weighs 3/8-ounces while the JT-115 checks in at 11/16-ounces - these lures defeat the problem of hooks being raised out of the water on the retrieve, or the body being splashed aside during aggressive surface smacks. You'll notice the higher hook-up ratios, and superb balance provides both models with water-grabbing action that lends itself to natural splashes, bubbles, and lifelike sounds. Both lures withstand fierce hits and sink their points into less energetic takers as well.

Just in time for spectacular fall surface action, all six new colors for the JT-95 and JT-115 pencil lures are now available. MSRP: $16.99 / $18.99.

JT-95 and JT-115 features:

  • Available in 12 patterns (6 NEW colors) for exceptional versatility
  • Superb balance for quiet, natural splashes, bubbles and life-like sounds
  • Slender, compact bodies for superior casting
  • Body weight designed to keep hooks in the water and lure on track for super hook-up ratios
  • Smaller JT-95 is perfect for bronzebacks while larger JT-115 is a bucketmouth favorite

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