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Why you should use fluorocarbon fishing line

by Sunline America 20 Apr 20:03 UTC


Fluorocarbon has some unique properties.

  • Less visible under water
  • More sensitive than nylon
  • Lower stretch than nylon
  • Low water absorption

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Super FC Sniper

Super FC Sniper is Sunline America's best selling product for a reason. Our pros love Sniper for its' versatility and manageability. Sniper is a great choice for spinning or casting tackle. It features triple resin processing to give it high abrasion resistance, low memory, suppleness, long life and uniform line diameter.

Available from 2-14 LB in 200 YD spool/16-30 LB in 165 YD spool. 2-5 LB tests are popular with light line anglers, while 5-7 LB tests are popular with finesse bass anglers particularly drop shot and shakey head anglers. 7 LB is the best selling size for spinning reels. It is a unique size and not available from most other companies. The pros favor it for its combination of strength and how well it performs on spinning reels. Larger sizes perform well for all baitcasters.

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Shooter Fluorocarbon

Shooter was designed with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology producing a line which gives the sensitivity, tenacity and ruggedness under extreme stress that top professionals demand. Available in three different categories by size; Finesse Special, Marionette Special and Power Special. Each category has unique properties to help the line provide maximum performance at that specific pound test. The specific characteristics of each category allow Shooter to perform with the most desirable qualities at each pound test.

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Power 2C FC

Known as the ultimate power fishing angler, Jason Christie demands incredible strength and abrasion resistance in a fishing line to meet the challenges of heavy cover, short casts and explosive hook sets.

Power2C was designed to Jason's specifications to meet the demands of shallow water, heavy cover angling. As a premium fluorocarbon, it features extreme abrasion resistance against wood, boat dock cables and rocks. It also features the perfect shock absorption to overcome wicked hook sets on big fish with heavy action rods at short distance to insure no break offs, which plagues many fluorocarbon lines.

Finally, Power2C features repeating high visibility markings on the line to provide greater visibility for line watching, to be able to see the lightest bites. The high visibility marking is 12" long followed by 48" of clear, allowing you to tie on in the clear section like a leader while still having the benefits of high visibility during the retrieve. Fluorocarbon can also be very hard to see in dirty or stained water conditions, so the high visibility markings act like a tracer allowing you to easily see the line no matter the water color.

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JDM Sunline Shoulder Bag - Navy

The handy soft-sided case is great for storing gear and light tackle. Easy to carry handle and shoulder strap make it great for anglers on the move.

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