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Eight tips and tricks every boater should know

by MarineMax 5 Feb 19:54 UTC
Eight tips and tricks every boater should know © MarineMax

Captains know best—that's why we turn to them for advice and the latest tips on boating and marine-related matter.

Featured on the Boating Tips LIVE! videos from MarineMax, Captain Keith and Captain Nick are veterans in the industry and show their expertise on the water through plenty of boating situations and adventures throughout their tenure. So, don't sink if you can't think—listen to these skilled experts for subject matter from bad weather boating to using flares properly, and more. If you haven't seen any of the following videos, these boat-savvy captains offer lots of useful info. Cheek out our top picks below!

1. Anchoring tips and best practice

It's anchors aweigh with Captain Keith and Captain Nick! Don't end up getting caught in the current and floating away. Instead, watch carefully as Captain Keith explains the proper way to secure your vessel using an anchor.

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2. The 411 on joystick vs throttle

The battle is on! See what Captain Keith and Captain Nick think about the best way to steer your stern. And the winner'll have to watch and see!

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3. Four tips for bad weather boating

The 'boat'orious duo are back and have a few good tips about boating when the weather starts to get rough. Watch how you can have a better experience and stay safe in less than favorable conditions on the water and don't forget to share the knowledge!

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4. How to approach a floating dock

Float over to the latest podcast by the captain pair and learn the best way to approach a floating dock and keep your boat safe from scratches, scuffs, or dings. Check it out!

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5. How to use your emergency cut-off Lanyard "Kill Switch"

You never know when you might have to put brakes on your boat in case of an emergency—that's where the emergency lanyard comes in. Watch the demonstration for yourself!

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6. Tips for naming your boat

Be unique, get creative, or be bold—naming your boat never gets old! If you're stuck in a slump about what name to choose, get your creative juices flowing with a few tips from the captains.

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7. Using boat flare kit safely and effectively

Flare up your boating safety knowledge with the latest tips from the captains. See sparks fly (literally) and learn how to capture the attention of others in an on-the-water emergency.

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8. Reading channel markers

Captain Keith and Captain Nick go in-depth on how to properly read channel markers on the waterways. Three factors: color, shape, and number, will tell you everything you need to know about navigating through a channel out to open sea and back again.

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Stay safe and knowledgeable on and off the water with these fantastic tips. Happy boating!

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