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ActiveTarget™ from Lowrance® - America's number one Fishfinder

by Fishing Tackle Retailer 7 Oct 2021 16:55 UTC
ActiveTarget™ from Lowrance(R) America's Number 1 Fishfinder © Lowrance

Lowrance® has been the leader in sonar technology since producing the first recreational fishfinder in 1957. The Fish-Lo-K-Tor - also known as the "The Little Green Box" - was not only the first sonar product of its kind to help anglers find fish in open water, it also started a series of sonar innovations that revolutionized the fishing industry for more than 60 years.

Lowrance's newest sonar technology - ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar - is another revolutionary step forward, because it helps anglers learn where fish are positioned around bait and structure, as well as how they respond to different lure presentations.

Before ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar - when anglers found fish with traditional sonar only - catching them or getting them to strike depended more on fishing experience or a trial-and-error process with different lures and presentations.

Knowing how fish responded to a specific lure or presentation speed was often a mystery.

That's why Lowrance created ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar.

ActiveTarget takes fishing know-how and experience to a new level with live, high-resolution images of fish movements that make it easier for anglers to catch more fish.

Watching how fish are relating to structure and reacting to their lure presentation - as it happens - saves angler's time by providing immediate feedback, letting them know if their approach is working or if it is time to change things up to get fish to strike.

Featuring Forward, Down and Scout views, ActiveTarget makes it easy to scan fish locations and easily track their movements.

Key Features

  • Get three views from one transducer: Forward, Down and Scout
  • See how fish are positioned in and around structure and watch them respond to your lure as it happens
  • High-resolution live images remove the guesswork from sonar interpretation
  • Know whether fish are active
ActiveTarget is compatible with Lowrance HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite FS fishfinder/chartplotters.

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