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38 South - Merry Fisher 795 Series - LEADERBOARD - Sept2021

Your 28XC/ 33CC update

by Bertram 23 Sep 22:36 UTC
Bertram 33CC © Bertram

I've been caught up in all that stuff about shipping containers stuck off Cali preventing us from finishing our ordered boats, but I owe you some idea of the progress on some new boats: the 28XC or the 33CC.

Some of the answers are within the picture below. The easy to identify part there in the middle is the sport top for a 50. We've got three of those under construction aside from two 61's, so that obviously where a good deal of our effort is now, but to the left there, if you can think in mirror images, is the deck mold for the 28XC getting prepped to start construction.

28XC coming this winter...

Ok, that is not entirely a fib. The XC will not make its debut at FLIBS in 5 weeks, but the prototype will be built this winter. There is just no sense in us rushing the boat to wait for parts in production, but there should still be plenty of opportunities for a spring deliveries.

You should start getting progress pics of the boat coming together soon.

Bertram 33CC

Along the same lines as the 28XC, we have determined it best to delay the launch of the 33 as well. Barring any other world wide anomalies, we are now targeting a year from now to debut at FLIBS 2022. It will be worth the wait!!!

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