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An unprecedented year for Maritimo in 2020

by Maritimo 10 Dec 2020 23:35 UTC
Maritimo Racing - both under sail and under power... © Maritimo

Australia's leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, closes 2020 with its one of its strongest ever forward order books and heightened interest in its range internationally.

From beginning the year on the back of an incredible year of growth and success in 2019, the world was then hit with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the wave of uncertainty that faced industries across the globe.

Maritimo was one company which was able to adapt and counter the challenges that faced much of the industry, with successful international sales as a result, and a strengthened position heading into the future.

“It has been an unprecedented year amidst the health crisis that has so heavily impacted so many across the globe,” said Maritimo Director of Branding, Tom Barry-Cotter.

“Being an Australian motor yacht manufacturer, we are thankful and appreciative of where we come from, and as a company with an international customer focus, the year has presented some real challenges which forced us to review all facets of our business in order to deal with many of the flow on effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We and our customers were able to adapt, relatively quickly in many ways, and we now see those efforts in one of the strongest positions we have been in, with the strength of forward orders.”

From manufacturing processes, to events and marketing, and customer experience, many of the learnings from 2020 have improved the way we do things, and will continue on moving forward.

A major highlight of 2020 has been the unveiling of Maritimo’s latest models set for premiere in 2021. “The new M55 Flybridge motor yacht, and S55 Sedan motor yacht model reveals have been received extremely well with clients, especially with the majority of previews, development walkthroughs, and communication being undertaken virtually,” he said.

“Both new models have already received multiple orders from around the globe, with customers in Australia, New Zealand and The Americas already securing orders for deliveries in 2021 and into 2022.

“The new M55 and S55 are an example of how Maritimo brings together the combined skills and expertise of world class Maritimo craftspeople, whilst epitomising our corporate culture and unyielding commitment to reaching motor yacht perfection.”

Other popular models, the X50, X60, M51, M64, and M70 have had incredibly strong sales success over the course of 2020, and in the pipeline for 2021.

Last week Maritimo loaded six new motor yachts worth $15 million for export at the Port of Brisbane, headed for excited new owners in New Zealand and the United States.

The wave of orders secured in the second half of 2020 have seen Maritimo’s forward order pipeline boosted to near record levels for the brand, with orders in 2021 sold out, and 2022 multiple orders already secured in for 2022 deliveries.

Maritimo CEO Garth Corbitt said the company was on an employment drive and was actively seeking apprentices across the range of manufacturing disciplines.

"Our factory trained and employed dealer representatives in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and The Americas are performing well and each have qualified teams underneath them maintaining the highest order of service and professionalism for our customers," he said.

"The year has been very challenging, but I am pleased to say that we are finishing 2020 on a very strong note and the next few years look extremely bright."

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